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Why Choose Synifex Infotech PVT LTD

Synifex sets out to deliver EXACTLY what it is you’re looking for.

Synifex is one of the leading and fastest growing web development companies of Surat that provides Information Technology solutions to organizations around the globe.

Fast loading

The biggest reason visitors do not stay at a Website is that it takes too long to load – that is the time it takes for the page to appear on the computer screen. The site needs to be designed around the premise of ‘loading’ as quickly as possible.

Browser Compatibility

The site needs to be compatible for viewing across a wide range of user platforms and browser software. We test the site with many different browsers to ensure that the vast majority of visitors can see the site quickly and easily.


Without interactivity, a Website is purely a book online. Interactive sites capture user details online and monitor what users do inside the system. The more visitors can interact and ‘do things’ on the site, the more likely they are to revisit.

The online marketing & designing solutions offered by Synifex Infotech PVT LTD combines advance technology and industry standards to meet your designing Hunt. Our expert staff is highly trained to work closely with you to deliver a custom tailored solution that will 100% satisfy your business requirements and foster your future growth. Click through our designing milestones and be part of it.


Synifex is a one stop shop for wide range of IT services. It’s the only place where you can get excellence, quality and security under one roof, so why go somewhere else we have lots of happy customers. These reasons make Synifex, your 1st choice.